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Attitudes . Values . Skills . Knowledge . Acceptance . Appraisal . Attentin . Awareness. (



Kevin is an experienced Life-Coach, Educator and Mental Health Practitioner with over 25 years of experience providing Life Coaching, Academic Advising and Learning Assistance. Kevin’s philosophy is centred around personal empowerment toward self-directed resilience and balance in life.

Kevin is a Canadian and British trained Life-coach that combines Mind, Body, and Spirit toward humanistic lifelong learning development. Kevin Loves empowering individuals to take full control of their life and develop a lifelong learning mindset. It is this empowerment that fuels his passion for working with clients.

  • Kevin is the father of two children.

  • Kevin is an avid nature enthusiast who loves learning.

  • Spirituality of Shinto (Japanese) and indigenous belief systems

  • Kevin is a stage-4 cancer survivor

  • Kevin loves fitness: Yoga, Weight training

  • Cultures

  • Travelling

He holds Qualifications in:

Psychology: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Neuroscience: Applied Neuroscience of learning

  • Physical Training

  • Fascial Stretch

  • Yoga

  • Relaxation

MSc. In Psychology and Neuroscience of Mental Health
Registered Yoga Instructor certified (200Hrs) from India
MSc in Applied Professional Learning
Bachelor of Education
Bachelor of Kinesiology Degree
TESOL Diploma
Fascial Stretch Therapy Level 1
Mind-Body-Medicine Practitioner

Assistance with
  • Life transition (Stressful life events)

  • Motivational CBT (Positive Psychology)

  • Life Balance Advising

  • Injury Advising

  • Patient Transitions

  • Internet Addictions

  • Academic Stress management

  • Academic Planning

Experience with children, youth, and adults and currently offers:
  • Academic Students (University level and above)

  • Business executives

  • Researchers


Service Modes
  • One-to-one Personal Therapy

  • Group CBT

  • Individual Leadership Training


As a learning specialist, my role includes supporting medical students, clinical medical educators, and medical science education specialists. My role is multi-faceted and includes a great deal of academic coaching, motivation, learner mentorship, and group facilitation:

  • Introducing Experiential Learning cycles to medical students. (Holistic Macrocycles and Micro-cycles)

  • Teaching growth mindset to medical students

  • Teaching awareness, attention, appraisal, and acceptance to medical students

  • Teaching workshops on learner reflection, learning logs, and professionalism

  • Collaborating on faculty development with medical outcomes, and rubrics for graduate-level courses

  • Developing Medical Education and meta-cognitive monitoring strategy workshops (e.g. mindsets)

  • Academic coaching at-risk medical students on learning, study skills, metacognition, & scheduling

  • Facilitated guided visualization for exam preparation and anxiety reduction for exams

  • Teaching professional practitioner identity development workshops

  • Collaborated with colleagues for academic coaching manual for medical specialist educators

  • Faculty development workshop co-facilitator for academic coaching

  • Member of the Pedagogy Committee

  • Member of the Assessment Sub Committee

  • Moderated online social media and professionalism module for 1st-year medical students

  • Teaching Lifelong Learning Course to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd-semester medical students


Virak Khin

Kevin has been my teacher on two occasions during my undergraduate Global program at Nagoya University of Commerce and Business. His teaching methods make him a strong advantage to have from the perspective of an Educational Institution. Very open-minded and curious about every point related to every culture, Kevin knows perfectly how to teach thoroughly on topics such as Marketing, Intercultural communications, and especially on Japanese Culture. He perfectly uses his personal knowledge and assets, being a "foreigner" teaching on foreign territory, to convey them to all his students. It has been a true pleasure attending his classes and I won't hesitate to recommend him to any students thriving for knowledge, either to Japanese or International students


Andreas Branje Notter

As a student, I had the pleasure of getting to know Mr. Watson during my exchange semester at Nagoya University of Commerce and Business in Nagoya, Japan. After over fifteen years in various education institutions (Sweden, Japan and UK) it is no exaggeration to say that Mr. Watson is one of the best teachers I've ever had. Kevin Watson is passionate, knowledgeable and really knows how to create a positive atmosphere for learning. However, what really makes Mr. Watson unique is his ability to take initiative and go the extra mile for students, creating events, organising trips field trips and being very creative in his teaching. Mr. Watson even helped me with a thesis, written for another institution, during his spare time. I believe the fact that Mr. Watson gave up his spare time to help a former student clearly demonstrates what kind of teacher he is, always putting the student first. Any institution would be lucky to have Mr. Watson on board


Sophie Harpur

Kevin is a very passionate and knowledgeable tutor. I thoroughly enjoyed Kevin's classes as his enthusiasm created a positive atmosphere for learning and collaboration. I have recommended his classes to several of my fellow students as what I learnt from Kevin highly enriched my experience in Japan.

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